G sandstone made from quartz weathered to sand ii

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Unformatted text preview: • wind • ice e.g., sandstone (made from quartz weathered to sand) ii) chemical precipitation at the deposition site • e.g., some limestones • also, plankton, coral actively make their shells/structure from CaCO3 • the Calcium Carbonate forms limestone Fig. 12.04fg W. W. Norton Sandstone Photo: QT Luong Arches, Utah Photo: QT Luong Sandstone Fig. 12.16g Stephen Marshak Painted Desert, Colorado Sandstone Fig. 12.16b Stephen Marshak Bryce Canyon, Utah Photo: QT Luong Sandstone Photo: P Hammer Zion, Utah Rock Types Rock Igneous, Sedimentary, and Metamorphic 3) Metamorphic: • igneous and sedimentary rocks altered by changes to pressure and temperature: • changes occur in the solid state (not molten) • mineralogy, texture and composition altered • often display fine-scale (& large-scale) “swirly” patterns • e.g., sandstone limestone Sedimentary Pressure Temperature erosion quartzite marble Metamorphic La Pieta, Michaelangelo temperature Foraminifera: One group of marine Foraminifera organisms (plankton) that build shells from calcium carbonate (CaCO3) metamorphism pressure metamorphism forms marble marble Sedimentary processes form limestone limestone An igneous rock (granite) metamorphosed An An sedimentary rock (conglomerate) metamorphosed Can you think of any examples of metamorphism in...
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