Web Mining Information and Pattern Discovery on the World Wide Web

In proc of 5th international world wide web

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Unformatted text preview: n Proc. of 5th International World Wide Web Conference, 1996. 35] H. Mannila, H. Toivonen, and A. I. Verkamo. Discovering frequent episodes in sequences. In Proc. of the First Int'l Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining, pages 210{215, Montreal, Quebec, 1995. 36] B. Mobasher, N. Jain, E. Han, and J. Srivastava. Web mining: Pattern discovery from world wide web transactions. Technical Report TR 96-050, University of Minnesota, Dept. of Computer Science, Minneapolis, 1996. 37] net.Genesis. net.analysis desktop. http://www.netgen.com, 1996. 38] R. Ng and J. Han. E cient and e ective clustering method for spatial data mining. In Proc. of the 20th VLDB Conference, pages 144{155, Santiago, Chile, 1994. 39] K. A. Oostendorp, W. F. Punch, and R. W. Wiggins. A tool for individualizing the web. In Proc. 2nd International World Wide Web Conference, 1994. 40] P. Merialdo P. Atzeni, G. Mecca. Semistructured and structured data in the web: Going back and forth. In Proceedings of the Workshop on the Management of Semistructured Data (in conjunction with ACM SIGMOD), 1997. 41] M. Pazzani, J. Muramatsu, and D. Billsus. Syskill & webert: Identifying interesting web sites. In Proc. AAAI Spring Symposium on Machine Learning in Information Access, Portland, Oregon, 1996. 42] M. Perkowitz and O. Etzioni. Category translation: learning to understand information on the internet. In Proc. 15th International Joint Conference on AI, pages 930{936, Montral, Canada, 1995. 43] P. Pirolli, J. Pitkow, and R. Rao. Silk from a sow's ear: Extracting usable structures from the web. In Proc. of 1996 Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI-96), Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, 1996. 44] J. Pitkow. In search of reliable usage data on the www. In Sixth International World Wide Web Conference, pages 451{463, Santa Clara, CA, 1997. 45] J. Pitkow and Krishna K. Bharat. Webviz: A tool for world-wide web access log analysis. In First International WWW Conference, 1994. 46] D. Quass, A. Rajaraman, Y. Sagiv, J. Ullman, and J. Widom. Querying semistructured heterogeneous information. In International Conference on Deductive and Object Oriented Databases, 1995. 47] P. Resnik, N. Iacovou, M. Sushak, P. Bergstrom, and J. Riedl. Grouplens: An open architecture for collaborative ltering of netnews. In Proc. of the 1994 Computer Supported Cooperative Work Conference, ACM, 1994. 48] A. Savasere, E. Omiecinski, and S. Navathe. An efcient algorithm for mining association rules in large databases. In Proc. of the 21th VLDB Conference, pages 432{443, Zurich, Switzerland, 1995. 49] U. Shardanand and P. Maes. Social information ltering: Algorithms for automating "word of mouth". In Proc. of 1995 Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI-95), pages 210{217, 1995. 50] A. Shukla, P.M. Deshpande, J. Naughton, and K. Ramaswamy. Storage estimation for multidimensional aggregates in the presence of hierarchies. In Proc. of the 22nd VLDB Conference, pages 522{531, Mumbai, India, 1996. 51] E. Spertus. Parasite: mining structural information on the web. In Proc. of 6th International World Wide Web Conference, 1997. 52] R. Srikant and R. Agrawal. Mining sequential patterns: Generalizations and performance improvements. In Proc. of the Fifth Int'l Conference on Extending Database Technology, Avignon, France, 1996. 53] R. Weiss, B. Velez, M. A. Sheldon, C. Namprempre, P. Szilagyi, A. Duda, and D. K. Gi ord. Hypursuit: a hierarchical network search engine that exploits content-link hpertexxt clustering. In Hypertext'96: The Seventh ACM Conference on Hypertext, 1996. 54] S.M. Weiss and C. A. Kulikowski. Computer Systems that Learn: Classi cation and Prediction Methods from Statistics, Neural Nets, Machine Learning, and Expert Systems. Morgan Kaufmann, San Mateo, CA, 1991. 55] M. R. Wulfekuhler and W. F. Punch. Finding salient features for personal web page categorization. In Proc. of 6th International World Wide Web Conference, 1997. 56] O. R. Zaiane and J. Han. Resource and knowledge discovery in global information systems: A preliminary design and experiment. In Proc. of the First Int'l Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining, pages 331{336, Montreal, Quebec, 1995....
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