Tosca and her Cats

Tosca and her Cats - • Tosca has a pretty miserable life...

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Tosca and her Cats Tosca uses food to cure illnesses o First page, she made an infusion that “washed her patients bronchi” She learned to make infusions from an old chemist from Biella Miciamore (love-cat) is her beloved long lost cat who was poisoned by unknown neighbors, but left Tosca with three cats Tosca’s love for her husband is a mere memory, they never had children. After he dies she loses much of her will to live Gigi, a journalist, and his girlfriend toni want to capture the existence of tosca She has some cats, fifi, busi, pussi o Pussi and fifi were brother and sister and would often fight Tosca has diabetes and wakes up at night sweating and trembling and has to take sodium bicarbonate Her grandfather had diabetes but did not follow the proper diet o “better to live less in freedom” Tosca suspects that she has diabetes but does not go in for testing
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Unformatted text preview: • Tosca has a pretty miserable life, so she drinks a lot • she reads tabloids and watches tv, though not sports programs since her husband died • However, she watches and gets excited about the soccer match between Italy and brazil • She gets very involved in the World Cup, following each game and listening to the discussions • Tosca struggles with her alcoholism • She is very alone with her three cats and rarely goes out, tending to her plants • Her plants or her cats are not enough to give her reason to live, and she dies in a final drunken stupor • The only way tosca could express love was to her cats, and through the memories of her husband • Tosca acts maternally toward her cats, as they are the only thing she has...
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Tosca and her Cats - • Tosca has a pretty miserable life...

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