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pol 220 essay mccain - American politics Senator John...

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American politics Senator John McCain, despite being considered out of the race just months ago, has succeeded in winning the Republican nomination. Senator McCain’s success has been due, in large part, to his image as a candidate of great integrity, attributed to his heroics in Vietnam. A recent story in the New York Times about a supposed affair with a lobbyist threatened to destroy that image, though the story had no real evidence, beyond extended contact with this woman, of any such scandal occurring, and McCain seems to remain a symbol of character and integrity in the eyes of the public. One of the biggest factors that can eliminate a potential candidate is negative attention due to scandal that can cause voters to question a candidate’s moral integrity. Twenty-two percent of voters in the 2004 presidential election exit poll cited “moral values” as the most important quality of a candidate. 1 Many very qualified potential candidates for president have been forced to drop out because of their questionable pasts. Mayor Rudy Giuliani, considered the Republican frontrunner by many early in his campaign, did not even campaign in Iowa because he feared that the strong evangelical population of voters, with whom moral values are of great importance, would not vote for him because of his tumultuous marriage record. However, for the moment, John McCain’s strong character remains unscathed. One of the key factors in Senator McCain’s success has been his reputation as a war hero in Vietnam. Military service is often a signal of moral integrity through the eyes of voters. John
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pol 220 essay mccain - American politics Senator John...

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