Analog meters can also bias or turn on semi

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Unformatted text preview: reverse polarity. Analog meters can also bias, or turn on, semi-conductors and change the circuit by allowing current to flow to other portions of the circuit. Most digital meters have a low voltage setting which will not bias semiconductors and a higher voltage setting for testing semiconductors. The information displayed on a digital meter in the diode test function differs from one meter brand to another. Some digital meters will display a value which represents the perceived resistance of the diode in forward bias. Other meters will display the forward bias voltage drop of the diode. Digital ohmmeters do have one limitation. Due to the small amount of current they pass through the device being tested, they cannot check some semiconductors in circuits, such as a clamping diode on a relay coil. You should note that ohmmeters do little good in low resistance, high currentcarrying circuits such as starters. They cannot find points of high resistance because they only use a small amount of current from their int...
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