High current flow indicates a short circuit

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Unformatted text preview: s circuit continuity. High current flow indicates a short circuit, unintentional ground or a defective component. Some type of defect has lowered the circuit resistance. Low current flow may indicate high resistance or a poor connection in the circuit or a discharged battery. No current indicates an open circuit or loss of power. OHMMETERS— ANALOG AND DIGITAL An ohmmeter is powered by an internal battery that applies a small voltage to a circuit or component and measures how much current flows through the circuit or component. It then displays the result as resistance. Ohmmeters are used for Ammeters must always be connected in series with the circuit, never in parallel. That is, all the circuit current must flow through the meter. It is connected by attaching the positive lead to the positive or battery side of the circuit, and the negative lead to negative or ground side of the circuit, as shown. C AUTION: These meters have extremely low internal resistance. If connected in parallel, the current running through the parallel branch created by the meter might be high enough to damage the meter along with the circuit the...
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