In a large conductor such as a battery cable this

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Unformatted text preview: ernal batteries. In a large conductor (such as a battery cable), this current meets little resistance. A voltage drop test during circuit operation is much more effective at locating points of high resistance in this type of circuit. Taken with permission from the Toyota Advanced Electrical Course#672, Page 4 © Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc. All Rights Reserved. ANALOG AND DIGITAL METERS ASSIGNMENT NAME: 1. Explain how reading an Analog meter differs from a Digital meter. 2. Explain the following electrical units of measure symbols ( M, K, m, u ). 3. List three types of meters. 4. Describe how voltmeters are connected to a circuit. 5. Explain how “meter loading” affects the circuit. 6. Describe “meter impedance” and how it effects a circuit? 7. List the fixed impedance value of a digital voltmeter. 8. Explain how the impedance of a digital meter differs from an analog meter. 9. Describe how ammeters are connected to a circuit. 10. Explain how analog ohmmeters differ from digital ohmmeters in setup. 11. Explain what precautions one should take while connecting an ohmmeter to a circuit....
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