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Unformatted text preview: TUDENT C!O!N!T!R!A!C!T , LAST NAME FIRST PSYCHOLOGY 101--SECTION I WILL COMPLETE THE FOLLOWING TO MEET THE REQUIREMENTS OF THIS PSYCHOLOGY COURSE: 1. I will read the textbook according to the syllabus. I will keep up with the work and read ahead to be prepared for each class. 2. There will be 4 exams. I understand that one of the first three exams will be dropped. I must take the fourth exam or I will receive an INCOMPLETE for this course. I understand that there are no make-up exams. 3. I understand that I will be given 4 Short Assignments. I understand that these and other types of assignments are accepted on the DUE DATE ONLY (or mailed in and post marked on that date). I understand that assignments will not be accepted late. I also understand that PLAGIARISM means a failing grade. (http://bedfordstmartins.com/plagiarismtutorial) 4. I will attend class according to the school"s policy. I understand that I may be dropped or penalized if I miss more than 4 classes. If I am absent I understand that it is my responsibility to get the class notes from a classmate and to contact a classmate before coming to the next class in order to be prepared. I will get a phone number/email address of my classmates in order to learn what I missed and to get a copy of the notes . If you do not contact a classmate then you will not be prepared.) 5. I further understand that lateness is counted as an absence. •••I understand that a PENALTY for excessive lateness will cause my grade to...
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