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Personality schizophrenia monday tuesday wednesday

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Unformatted text preview: ty Schizophrenia ---------- ---------- ------ MONDAY TUESDAY WEDNESDAY THURSDAY FRIDAY SATURDAY SUNDAY 12/13 12/14 12/15 12/16 12/17 12/18 12/19 LAST DAY STUDY DAY ????EXAM #4 TBA???? OF NO CLASSES (HP>22) CLASSES ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------- ---------- ------ MONDAY TUESDAY WEDNESDAY THURSDAY FRIDAY SATURDAY SUNDAY 12/20 12/21 12/22 12/23 12/24 12/25 12/26 ????EXAM #4 TBA???? (HP>22) NERC PSYCHOLOGY 101-SECTION ___________ FILE INFORMATION: LAST NAME_____________________________, FIRST ________________________ HOME ADDRESS _______________________________________________________ City_________________________________ STATE____________ Zip ___________ Home Phone ( )-__________________ Work/Cell Phone ( )-_____________ Student ID J_____________________________ Email Address ========================================================================================= C!O!N!T!R!A!C!T PSYCHOLOGY 101--SECTION__________ I WILL COMPLETE THE FOLLOWING TO MEET THE REQUIREMENTS OF THIS PSYCHOLOGY COURSE: 1. I will read the textbook according to the syllabus. I will keep up with the work and read ahead to be prepared for each class. 2. There will be 4 exams. I understand that one of the first three exams will be dropped. I must take the fourth exam or I will receive an INCOMPLETE for this course. I understand that there are no make-up exams. 3. I understand that I will be given 4 Short Assignments....
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