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The policy of the college is to allow you to drop

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Unformatted text preview: e policy of the College is to allow you to drop courses without penalty during the first eleven weeks of classes. It is your responsibility to contact the Registrar’s office to drop courses prior to the deadline. The last date to drop courses without penalty of an “F” grade is: MONDAY, NOVEMBER 22, 2010. Lateness If you arrive after roll has been taken, you are considered absent. (Excessive lateness/absence beyond the drop date WILL result in a penalty.) Writing Assignments (Of course TYPED!) Assignments are collected only on the due date. Late assignments do not count. If absent for a good reason, then the assignment may be mailed in (not email) and post marked on the due date to receive credit. Remember that assignments are due whether you are in class or absent. If you miss class, contact a class mate to learn about what you have missed before coming to the next class. If absent, I need to contact @ NAME EMAIL ADDRESS Please check your CCP email before each class. I may post announcements regarding exams, weather, and/or other important issues. You can register for an email account at: http://www.ccp.edu then click on "MY CCP". - 1- H OW T O D ETERMINE Y OUR G RADE Your grade for this semester is based upon accumulated points that you earn in the following ways: 1. You will take 4 exams during this semester . One of the first three exams will be dropped. Exam 4 must be taken or you will receive an INCOMPLETE on your transcript. THERE ARE NO MAKEUP EXAMS A=46--50 POINTS B=41--45 C=36--40 D=31--35 F=0---30 POINTS EACH EXAM IS WORTH 50 POI...
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