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Unformatted text preview: 62 0.059908 The mean of the 50 test errors is Etest = 6.589862%. The variance is 0.0001083489. And the standard deviation is 1.040908%. From this we can get the conclusion that: 1. Naive Bayes classifier has a high accuracy in estimation in this case. 2. The randomness and the order of training data have no obvious impact on the estimate accuracy. Page 1 of 5 (c) There are two different kinds of errors: The first kind of error is that the classifier mistakenly judges a non-spam email as a spam. The second kind of error is that the classifier judges a spam email to be non-spam. And apparently these two errors can’t be treated equally. They are also known as Type I and type II errors. The first error is more serious than the second one. The reason is that, if the classifier judges a spam email to be non-spam, we just have to read one more useless email, no significant impact will occur on our lives. However, if a quite important ema...
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