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Lecture 38SV- Therapy

Cognitivetherapies cognitivetherapies

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Unformatted text preview: stimuli Take client directly into feared situation until his or her panic subsides(extreme level!) Takot ular, terus letak kat dlm tempat ular, and suro dia relax Ineffective!! Aversive Conditioning Aversive Conditioning A type of counterconditioning that associates an unwanted behavior with an unpleasant state. Cognitive Therapies Cognitive Therapies Between the stimulus and response lies interpretation Behavior would say, I see a snake, I feel anxiety, tu je, tp cognitive therapist kate, tak, ade interpretation between them. I see a snake, I interpret it, I touch that snake I am going to die. If it comes near me, I am going to die. Focus is on correcting incorrect thoughts Make people aware of their irrational negative thoughts Xleh ignore thoughts! Ade importance influence on behavior. Common irrational beliefs Common irrational...
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