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Lecture 38SV- Therapy

Phasizepeoplesinherentpotentialforself fulfillment

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Unformatted text preview: ves Very time­consuming and expensive treatment Humanistic Therapies Humanistic Therapies Emphasize people’s inherent potential for self­ fulfillment Focuses on the here and now More concerned with conscious than unconscious thoughts Encourages clients to take responsibility for their feelings Promotes growth instead of curing illness Humanistic Therapies Humanistic Therapies Client­centered therapy 3 Necessary conditions for therapy: Emphasizes therapist’s empathy and unconditional positive regard (cth mcm, kte appreciate dia sbb siapa dia, suka sbb good component dia) Genuineness(ikhlas buat keje), acceptance(unconditional positive regard),empathy Goal of therapy: Build client’s self­esteem and self­acceptance Help client find a more productive way of seeing his/her problems(kte takkan bg cara nak solve, kte tlg dia...
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