Brightmoor Street Map- w: Census Tracts

St 5441 source us census bureau census 2010 data

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Unformatted text preview: 10); Data Driven Detroit, Nov. 08, 2011 Ulster St Kessler St Puritan St Eliza Howell Park Census Tracts Included: 5427, 5432, 5434, 5435, 5436, 5437, 5438, 5439, 5440, 5441, 5442 and 5443 Greyd ale Ave Lahser 5443 Chatham St Dale St Redford Township McNichols W Beaverland St W Parkwa y St Hazelto n St Grayfie ld St Riverdale Ave e W dal r ve r Ri D Telegraph Salem St Woodbine St Wormer St Lenore Ave Fenton St Winston St Five Points Puritan St Ri v E erd Dr ale Glendale St 5427 Fullerton St Brightmoor Preliminary Boundary 0 0.25 0.5 1 Miles µ Census Tract (2010) Park Detroit...
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