150 200 code of conduct while riding the bus please

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Unformatted text preview: 0 $2.00 CODE OF CONDUCT WHILE RIDING THE BUS Please: Do not hinder DDOT employees from performing their duties, and always observe the following rules: Community Access Centers All locations 1. No smoking on the bus. 2. No eating or drinking on the bus. 3. Headphones are required when using radios or other electronic devices. 4. No pets on the bus, with the exception of service animals for people with disabilities. 5. No cursing or disorderly conduct. 6. No obscene ring tones – use the phone vibrate feature during your trip. 7. Speak quietly when talking to other passengers and use cell phones only when necessary. 8. Do not leave litter or trash on the bus. 9. Do not vandalize buses or other DDOT property; violators will be prosecuted Rosa Parks Transit Center 360 Michigan Avenue $0.75 $0.25 Banks (Monthly GOPASS Only) Comerica Bank Branches Select Detroit Area Locations $0.50 $0.10 $0.75 $0.10 First Independence Bank of Michigan 44 Michigan Avenue Supermarkets, Convenience Stores, Other Locations Apollo Supermarket Banner Superstore 20250 W. 7 Mile Rd. 14424 Schaefer No Charge $47.00 $27.50 $14.40 $14.00 $10.00 Imperial Supermarket 1940 E. 8 Mile Rd. Krown Supermarket 5800 Cani crossing the street. $17.00 Cadillac Tower Lobby Shoppe 65 Cadillac Square $49.50 CVS Pharmacy Stores All Detroit Area Store Locations Changes in DDOT bus schedules occur in January, April, June and September. Mobile Gas Station 1001 E. Warren cations and/or adjustments may be obtained at the DDOT Administration Building at 1301 E. Warren, Detroit Public Libraries, Community Access Centers, and online at www.RideDetroitTransit.com. **To receive the discounted fare, eligible senior and disabled passengers must present their DDOT Special Services ID Card or a state ID with visual impairment designation. Medicare cardholders are eligible for 1/2 fare (seventy- ve cents). See the ADA section of this map for details on the Special Services Program. above the window or by pressing the signal strip in between the windows. allow exiting passengers...
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