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Unformatted text preview: Municipal Code, will be subject to nes ranging from $100 - $500 and/or jail time upon conviction. Wayne County Government Offices Convention Facilities 36 36 75 18 78 18 Lod A person violating any policy or regulation may be warned and/or ordered to leave the facility by DDOT Security or DDOT Management. Refusal to comply with an order to leave the facility will be handled by the Detroit Police. B A Winder 36 75 KEY TO DOWNTOWN LOCATIONS 16 18 23 31 36 53 78 No Standing in or obstructing doorways No Undressing, indecent or obscene conduct 18 Cass 27 Joy (RPTC - Bay 5) * These routes enter the bays on nights and Sat/Sun only with the exception of Gratiot which only enters the bay at night. All 5 routes can board at Michigan & Cass during the day. nt o MAP OF CENTRAL BUSINESS DISTRICT 16 23 18 78 Second 25 Je erson (RPTC - Bay 4) B6 Comerica Park (2100 Woodward Ave.) No Selling of bus schedules or unauthorized selling of fare cards, transfers, or bus tickets No Selling or distribution of tobacco, alcohol, or drugs Fifth RPTC – Rosa Parks Transit Center CENTRAL BUSINESS DISTRICT No Full face masks or face coverings allowed inside the center No Gambling No Impeding, hindering, or obstructing the work of city employees No Littering or Loitering No Malicious mischief – destruction or defacing property No Pets or other animals with the exception of service animals No Possession or concealment of a weapon including loaded or unloaded rearm, dagger, knife, razor, etc. No Possession or consumption of alcoholic beverages No Possession or distribution of illegal or controlled substances No Smoking in facility or new RPTC. Under the canopy of the within 15 ft. of doorways No Soliciciting Fourth 23 *Hamilton (RPTC - Bay 14) 23 8 ine 40 Russell (RPTC - Bay 10) Duffield Adelaide Winder 31 7 St A 21 Grand River (RPTC - Bay 3) Henry 16 23 Henry Sibley 6 John R 37 Michigan (RPTC - Bay 9) 10 Cass Technical High School Park 19 Fort (RPTC - Bay 2) 53 *Woodward (RPTC - Bay 8) 78 Imperial 21 M...
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