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Unformatted text preview: Department of Transportation, Administration O ce, 1301 E. Warren Ave, Detroit, MI 48207 or call the Customer Service Center at (313) 933-1300 or (888) DDOT-BUS x ffe r so n Di er Riv roit Ojib w ay Det Jeffe rson rt e ot Jeffers o n Gra ti ck Gr os sb e Ke lly Harper Harp er tiot re Lake Sho Gra ck be 22 HORE S Mack SE PO INTE S GROS ld fie ns co Be a ot Lak e S ho re rs on zon Lau son f er Jef Fo er Alt Q Scale in Miles 0 1 R 1 eh s Tecum tte ett er O e Pill en N S e Dix ield GROSSE POINTE PARK al 21 na Caba rd East and West Routes wa North and South Routes Ho a dM n Gra is ra ais ar dM Airport Amtrak Station Attraction College High School Hospital Library Police Station Recreation Center Shopping Area 23 24 all fay M J KEY TO CITY-WIDE BUS ROUTES org All nsf nn n 25 ntr an Gr ug La on ers eff 13 Ge O N TA R I O , C A N A D A Do All en GROSSE POINTE ISLE Ce ld ux r aco ers Co Jea 9 CROSSTOWN ROUTES DOWNTOWN ROUTES 7 Cadillac-Harper 48 Van Dyke-Lafayette 49 Vernor 16 Dexter WINDSOR Downtown Routes 20 er fie die L 25 10 Chene LEGEND 19 lk Wa uth Ca ittie Wh Be alm 49 son ker Ch Dic int ac Sa dill Ca e Eri n col t ren ce 3 ge lle Co W Se Lin So GROSSE POINTE FARMS ix ck rlevo Ma ha Cr al rnochev Ve er K er nch 31 K s P Pa l Un tte ndo a Wy rd ll wa Ho ouga ette D ell ll Mc Ou ouga D n J fe ef J tt llio E nt u ge 14 32 31 Mo Alt Fre ke Dy u Mo pa Vil la er n Va ran Mil ity rs ive seh ard son Chalmers Hoover nn Co ch en Fr Mo 7 f er Jef Hayes er nn Van Dyke 45 I 53 Woodward 18 Fenkell 78 Imperial 19 Fort 9 Chalmers EC 18 des y 11 Clairmount swa r es Exp Conant 12 ow R 13 Conner 46 South eld T 47 Tireman 54 Wyoming 60 Evergreen 14 Crosstown 21 Grand River Rho 23 Hamilton 25 Je erson 22 Green eld 27 Joy 20 30 Livernois 29 Linwood 32 McNichols U 15 Chicago-Davison 17 Eight Mile Div 31 Mack isio a n 34 GratiotCaban 38 Plymouth/Cani 39 Puritan 36 Oakland Pr ov in 37 Michigan c 43 Schoolcraft 40 Russell To obtain detailed route information and service hours for individual bus routes, please refer to a pocket schedule. Schedules are available at the DDOT Administration Building: 1301 E. Warren, Detroit Public Libraries, Neighborhood City Halls, and online at V W 45 Seven Mile 25 41 Schaefer ial 26 27 28 29 All DDOT routes are accessible to wheelchair users. 30 31 Alle X 401 Y Dix dd Little Mack Hayes Schoenherr Co 13 l va 49 o min DDOT Transit Location 18 ld nfie Ca rc Ke LE BEL 3 85 Telegraph Go Hayes Schoenherr Hoover Van Dyke Sherwoo...
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