On the map look for the bus routes nearest your

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Unformatted text preview: the map, look for the bus routes nearest your starting and ending points. Make sure to note where it may be necessary to transfer to another route to complete your trip. As a courtesy to these riders, kindly o er your seat. Using the Farebox The farebox o er convenient features that allow you to board the bus with ease. The farebox accepts U.S. coin and paper currency only – up to a $5 bill. Fares may be paid using cash or one of DDOT’s convenient fare cards. Plan to arrive at your bus stop a few minutes ahead of time. Identify Your Bus Stop DDOT has approximately 9,000 bus stops. More that 1,600 of these bus stops have shelters that provide some comfort and convenience to passengers waiting for the bus. New bus stop signs are being installed along DDOT bus routes. Until the installation is complete, you may still nd some bus stops with old signs. Requesting a Transfer If you will be connecting to another route, a transfer may be purchased at the time fare payment is made. Transfers are valid for two hours. If you must ride a third bus, ask the driver of the second bus to “double” your transfer. Doubling a transfer adds thirty minutes to the two-hour transfer time. (Invalid transfers are subject to questioning by the driver) To be sure you are boarding the correct coach, check the display head sign located on the outside front of the coach, above the windshield. Please note: Weekday schedule times may di er from weekend schedule times. Make sure you have the right schedule for the day you plan to travel. Schedules are available at the DDOT Administration Building: 1301 E. Warren, Detroit Public Libraries, Community Service Centers, and online at www.RideDetroitTransit.com. www.RideDetroitTransit.com RideDetroitTransit.com when you board the bus, or use one of the convenient fare cards. the rear door after the green light is activated before the door will automatically open for your exit. Note: Bus drivers are not permitted to accept fares and are not able to make change. $1.5...
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