Under the canopy of the within 15 ft of doorways no

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Unformatted text preview: otor City Casino & Hotel nC harmful, abusive or harassing behavior 36 Oakland (RPTC - Bay 8) A Sixth Prohibitive behaviors in and around the Rosa Parks Transit Center: No Begging, panhandling No Change without purchase No Charging of cell phones or other electronic devices No Disorderly conduct including: 18 *Fenkell (RPTC - Bay 12) 49 Vernor (RPTC - Bay 13) Joh DDOT policies, City of Detroit, State and Federal ordinances, laws and regulations apply to the conduct of all persons utilizing the DDOT transportation system and facilities. 34 *Gratiot (RPTC - Bay 9) Pine 78 Gr A major goal of the Detroit Department of Transportation (DDOT) is to build, establish and operate a public transportation system and environment that is safe, secure, and comfortable for all persons. 16 *Dexter (RPTC - Bay 10) (RPTC - Bay 11) 16 78 Clifford ROSA PARKS TRANSIT CENTER CODE OF CONDUCT 31 Mack (RPTC - Bay 7) Ledyard 5 Clifford Mega Bus – the low-cost express bus o ers city-to-city travel service to 28 major cities in the midwest and northeast. Board the Mega Bus on Cass Avenue north of Michigan Avenue. 10 Chene (RPTC - Bay 1) 48 Van Dyke-Lafayette 23 4 r Transit Windsor (TW) – operates a cross border service between downtowns Windsor and Detroit via the Detroit/Windsor Tunnel. Boarding for the Tunnel bus is at bay 13. Phone: (519) 944-4111 29 Linwood (RPTC - Bay 6) 3 ive Suburban Mobility Authority for Regional Transit (SMART) – provides regional transit services to Macomb, Oakland, and Wayne counties. SMART routes #510 and #560 board at bays 14 and 15. (866) 962-5515 7 Cadillac-Harper (RPTC - Bay 12) 2 dR Detroit People Mover (DPM) – is the fully automated light rail system that operated on an elevated single track loop in Detroit’s central business district. Phone: (313) 224-2160 1 an Passengers may also make connections to the following transit services: KEY TO DOWNTOWN BUS ROUTES Gr From the new Rosa Parks Transit Center, DDOT bus riders are able to make connections to 13 DDOT routes at a single downtown transfer point. Those routes include: Chene, Fort, Grand River, Jefferson, Joy Road, Linwood, Mack, Oakland, Michigan, Russell, Van Dyke, Vernor, Cadillac/Harpe...
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