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Unformatted text preview: hat permits riders who qualify as “low-income” and are in need of transportation to/from employment, training, and/or human services-related commitments, access to a curb-to-curb service. The grant program that permits riders who are diagnosed with illnesses that require frequent and reoccurring medical procedures, which result with aftere ects that impair the rider’s ability to navigate xed-route services, access to a curb-tocurb service. The grant program that o ers riders who are determined eligible for MetroLift, Job Connect, or Life Support, the option to access DDOT’s more economical xed-route service instead. The grant program that permits a group of at least ve (5) eligible riders, who share a common pick-up and/or drop-o ocation, transportation to suburban area locations. The grant program that permits riders to request and receive “same-day” transportation services. Additional information on Detroit Mobility 1st may be obtained from DDOT’s website at: www.RideDetroitTransit.com or by calling DM1 Customer Care at (313) 933-1300 and selecting options 2 and 3. After Hours Emergency Assistance DDOT has an after hours emergency telephone service to assist people who are handicapped and may be experiencing problems with lift bus service. The emergency telephone number is (313) 933-1261 (Monday to Friday starting at 6pm and all day Saturday and Sunday). Alternative Information Services: Hearing, Speech, and Sight Impairments Schedules and other service information may be provided in the following alternative formats: Braille, large print, audio cassette. Persons with hearing and speech impairments can obtain information through a Telecommunication Device (TDD) service by calling (313) 834-3434. Voice Relay Service is available by calling 1 (800) 649-3777. For persons with limited English pro ciency, passenger information may be requested in the language of your choice. Information may also be requested in alternative formats, including large print, Braille, and audio. DDOT Accessibility Guidelines DDOT is committed to providing e cient, reliable accessible transit services...
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