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Unformatted text preview: l reproduc tion. It is important to unders tand how c ros s ing ov er oc c urs and its c ons equenc es in meios is . Look c arefully at the diagrams depic ting different s tages in meios is in a c ell where 2n = 6. As s ume that the red c hromos omes are of maternal origin and the blue c hromos omes are of paternal origin. Drag the labels to fill in the targets beneath each diagram of a cell. Note that the diagram s are in no particular order. Drag the blue labels to the blue targets to identify the stage of m eiosis depicted in each diagram . Drag the pink labels to the pink targets to identify whether the configuration of the chrom osom es related to crossing over is possible or not. Hin t 1. What are the key events of the stages of meiosis? Drag the words on the left to the appropriate blanks to com plete the sentences on the right. ANSWER: se ssion.ma ste r ingbiology.c om/myc t/a ssignme ntPr intVie w? a ssignme ntI D= 2242938 12/28 13- 10- 13 Cha pte r 13 Hin t 2. Review the animation showing crossing over...
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