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Unformatted text preview: ore than once. Hin t 1. Can you match the terms to their definitions? Drag the term s on the left to the appropriate blanks in the sentences on the right. ANSWER: Hin t 2. What chromosome structure is produced by DNA replication? DNA replic ation oc c urs before the beginning of mitos is or meios is . During DNA replic ation, an ex ac t c opy of eac h c hromos ome is made. What is the term for the original chrom osom e and its exact copy? ANSWER: nons is ter c hromatids homologous c hromos omes s is ter c hromatids c entromeres Hin t 3. How does the alignment of chromosomes after DNA replication differ between mitosis and meiosis? Before either mitos is or meios is c an begin, the c hromos omes mus t replic ate. Howev er, the replic ated c hromos omes behav e differently in c ells entering mitos is and c ells entering meios is . Which statem ent correctly describes a key difference between cells entering prophase of m itosis versus prophase I of m eiosis? ANSWER: For c ells entering mitos is , homolo...
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