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Unformatted text preview: a pte r 13 ANSWER: mitos is meios is gametogenes is both mitos is and meios is none of the abov e Correct Mitos is goes on c ontinuous ly in mos t parts of the body , whereas meios is tak es plac e only in the gonads . Part B ANSWER: mitos is only meios is I only meios is II only either mitos is or meios is I either meios is I or meios is II Correct Meios is I is the only time that c hromos omes line up by homologous pairs . Part C Clic k here to rev iew the figure se ste r ingbiology.c om/myc t/a ssignme ntPr intVie w? a ssignme ntI D= 2242938 22/28 13- 10- 13 Cha pte r 13 ANSWER: c entros ome tetrad telomere c entromere c hromos ome Correct The c entromere is the point of attac hment between two duplic ated c hromos omes . Part D ANSWER: 5 10 15 20 the ans wer c annot be determined Correct If the hy pothetic al organis m has 5 c hromos omes in one of its gametes , then it mus t hav e 10 c hromos omes in a body c ell. J us t before mitos is , the c hromos omes in a body c ell are duplic ated, but the s is ter c hromatids remain joined together. So y ou will s...
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