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Unformatted text preview: Part A For what purpos e(s ) might a k ary oty pe be prepared? Hin t 1. A k ary oty pe prov ides a dis play of all the c hromos omes from a diploid c ell. ANSWER: for prenatal s c reening, to determine if a fetus has the c orrec t number of c hromos omes to determine whether a fetus is male or female to detec t the pos s ible pres enc e of c hromos omal abnormalities s uc h as deletions , inv ers ions , or trans loc ations The firs t and s ec ond ans wers are c orrec t. The firs t three ans wers are c orrec t. Correct Kary oty pes c an s how if all of the c hromos omes are pres ent, and whether an indiv idual is male (XY) or female (XX). In addition, by s taining the c hromos omes and ex amining the res ulting banding patterns , it is pos s ible to detec t defec ts s uc h as deletions , trans loc ations , and inv ers ions . Chapter 13 Pre­Test Question 4 Part A In alternation of generations , what is the diploid s tage of a plant that follows fertiliz ation c alled? Hin t 1. In plants...
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