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Unformatted text preview: s c hromos omes , whic h doubles the DNA c ontent of the c ell (an ex ac t c opy of eac hc hromos ome is made). Note that DNA replic ation does not alter a c ell’s ploidy lev el bec aus e the number of c hromos ome s ets in the c ell remains unc hanged. During meios is , the DNA c ontent of a c ell is reduc ed in half twic e—onc e during anaphas e I and onc e during anaphas e II. At eac h of thes e s tages , the DNA is div ided ev enly between two daughter c ells . Hin t 2. Which processes change cellular ploidy level? Ploidy refers to whether a c ell is haploid or diploid. Diploid c ells (2n) hav e two s ets of c hromos omes – one inherited from the maternal parent and the other from the paternal parent. Haploid c ells (n) hav e a s ingle s et of c hromos omes , none of whic h has a homologous matc h. Sort these processes into the appropriate bin depending on whether the process increases a cell’s ploidy level from n to 2n, decreases the cell’s ploidy level from 2n to n, or does not change the cell’s ploidy l...
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