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Unformatted text preview: omes . Part C ­ Animal life cycles In the life c y c le of an organis m, meios is is paired with the proc es s of fertiliz ation. Unders tanding the life c y c le of an organis m is the k ey to unders tanding how s ex ual reproduc tion ens ures the inheritanc e of traits from both parents and als o introduc es genetic v ariation. Complete the diagram to s how the life c y c le of a ty pic al animal. Follow these steps: 1. Firs t, drag blue labels onto blue targets only to identify eac h s tage of the life c y c le. 2. Nex t, drag pink labels onto pink targets only to identify the proc es s by whic h eac h s tage oc c urs . 3. Then, drag white labels onto white targets only to identify the ploidy lev el at eac h s tage. Labels can be used once, m ore than once, or not at all. Hin t 1. Ploidy level defined A c ell produc ed by fertiliz ation (c alled a z y gote) c ontains two s ets of c hromos omes , one from the maternal parent and one from the paternal parent. Suc h a c ell is des c ribed as di...
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