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Unformatted text preview: of meiosis? Drag the words on the left to the appropriate blanks to com plete the sentences on the right ANSWER: Hin t 2. What distinguishes meiosis I from meiosis II? In meios is , there are two s equential div is ions of the parent c ell, produc ing four daughter c ells . In term s of the behavior of the chrom osom es, how does m eiosis I com pare to m eiosis II? Hin t 1. Sister chromatids and homologous chromosomes Sis ter c hromatids are the two c opies of a duplic ated c hromos ome that form during the replic ation of DNA. While joined, the two s is ter c hromatids mak e up one c hromos ome, though they ev entually s eparate and form two s eparate c hromos omes . Homologous c hromos omes are a pair of c hromos omes of the s ame length, c entromere pos ition, and s taining pattern that pos s es s genes for the s ame c harac ters at c orres ponding loc i. One homologous c hromos ome is inherited from the paternal parent and the other from the maternal parent. Early in meios is , homologous c hromos omes (eac h c ons is ting of...
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