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Unformatted text preview: hy te and gametophy te eac h hav e 5 c hromos omes per c ell. The s porophy te's c hromos ome number per c ell is 10 and the gametophy te's is 5. Correct Meiosis (1 of 3): Genes, Chromosomes, and Sexual Reproduction (BioFlix tutorial) Meios is ens ures the trans mis s ion of traits from one generation to the nex t. At the s ame time, it is a k ey proc es s that introduc es genetic v ariation into the traits that offs pring inherit from their parents . In this tutorial, y ou will ex plore the genetic c ontex t of meios is . Before beginning the tutorial, watc h the Meios is animation. You c an rev iew relev ant parts of the animation at any point in the tutorial. Part A ­ Meiosis terminology Drag the labels from the left to their correct locations in the concept m ap on the right. Hin t 1. T he structure of DNA, chromatin, and chromosomes DNA (deox y ribonuc leic ac id) is a double helix . Mos t of the time, nuc lear DNA ex is ts in v arious s tates of pac k ing. DNA is as s oc iated with...
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