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Unformatted text preview: formed. The primary elec tron ac c eptor of PS I mus t be reduc ed. ANSWER: se ste r ingbiology.c om/myc t/a ssignme ntPr intVie w? a ssignme ntI D= 2242937 17/41 13- 10- 13 Cha pte r 10 Correct In both PS II and PS I, light energy is us ed to driv e a redox reac tion that would not otherwis e oc c ur. In eac h photos y s tem, this redox reac tion mov es an elec tron from the s pec ial c hlorophy ll pair (P680 in PS II and P700 in PS I) to that photos y s tem’s primary elec tron ac c eptor. The res ult in eac h c as e is a reduc tant (the reduc ed primary elec tron ac c eptor) and an ox idant (P680+ in PS II and P700+ in PS I) that are able to power the res t of the elec tron trans fer reac tions without further energy input. Part C ­ Proton gradient formation and AT P synthesis ATP s y nthes is in c hloroplas ts is v ery s imilar to that in mitoc hondria: Elec tron trans port is c oupled to the formation of a proton (H+) gradient ac ros s a membrane. The energy in this proton gradient is then us ed to power ATP s y nthes is . Two ty pes of proc es s es that c ontribute to the formation of the proton gradient are: proc es s es that releas e H+ from c ompounds that c ontain hy drogen, and proc es s es that trans port H+ ac ros s the thy lak oid membrane. Drag the labels to the appropriate locations on the diagram of the thylakoid m em brane. Use only the blue labels for the blue targets, and only the pink labels for the pink targets. Note: One blue target and one pink target should be left em pty. Hin t 1. How does the oxidation of water by PS II contribute to the proton gradient? In Photos y s tem II (PS II), light energy is us ed to produc e an elec tron ac c eptor that is s trong enough to ox idiz e water. How does the oxidation of water contribute to the proton gradient across the thylakoid m em brane? ANSWER: Water molec ules pic k up protons from the s troma and trans port them to the thy lak oid s pac e, where the water is ox idiz ed. Ox y gen molec u...
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