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Unformatted text preview: long the way , reac tions rearrange c arbon atoms among intermediate c ompounds and us e the ATP and NADPH produc ed by the light reac tions . In this ex erc is e, y ou will trac k c arbon atoms through the Calv in c y c le as required for the net produc tion of one molec ule of G3P. For each interm ediate com pound in the Calvin cycle, identify the num ber of m olecules of that interm ediate and the total num ber of carbon atom s contained in those m olecules. As an exam ple, the output G3P is labeled for you: 1 m olecule with a total of 3 carbon atom s. Labels m ay be used once, m ore than once, or not at all. Hin t 1. Changes to carbon skeletons in the Calvin cycle The Calv in c y c le is es s entially a s equenc e of reac tions that s huffle c arbon atoms among different molec ules . Within the Calv in c y c le, the total number of c arbon atoms is c ons erv ed: There is no net gain or los s of c arbon atoms . Carbon atoms enter the Calv in c y c le as indiv idual CO2 molec ules (1 c arbon atom per molec ule) and ex it the c y c le in the 3­c arbon s ugar gly c eraldehy de­3­phos phate (G3P). Hin t 2. What happens to a CO2 molecule in Phase 1 of the Calvin cycle? Phas e 1 of the Calv in c y c le (c arbon fix ation) c ons is ts of a reac tion between a molec ule of CO2 and a molec ule of RuBP, c ataly z ed by the enz y me Rubis c o. For each m olecule of CO2 that enters the Calvin cycle, which equation correctly represents what happens to its carbon (C) as the next interm ediate is produced? ANSWER: se ste r ingbiology.c om/myc t/a ssignme ntPr intVie w? a ssignme ntI D= 2242937 32/41 13- 10- 13 Cha pte r 10 3 C + 15 C → 18 C 1 C + 2 C → 3 C 1 C + 1 C → 2 C 3 C + 3 C → 6 C 1 C + 5 C → 3 C + 3 C Hin t 3. What happens to all of the G3P produced in Phase 2 of the Calvin cycle? Only 1 of the G3P molec ules produc ed in Phas e 2 of the Calv in c y c le is ex ported from the c y c le. The remaining G3P molec ules are us ed in Phas e 3. What happens to the rem ainder of the G3P produced in P...
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