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Unformatted text preview: gluc os e ADP, i, and NADP+ Correct Chapter 10 Question 3 Part A Where does the Calv in c y c le tak e plac e? ANSWER: thy lak oid membrane outer membrane of the c hloroplas t s troma of the c hloroplas t interior of the thy lak oid (thy lak oid s pac e) c y toplas m s urrounding the c hloroplas t Correct se ssion.ma ste r ingbiology.c om/myc t/a ssignme ntPr intVie w? a ssignme ntI D= 2242937 5/41 13- 10- 13 Cha pte r 10 Chapter 10 Question 5 Part A When ox y gen is releas ed as a res ult of photos y nthes is , it is a direc t by ­produc t of ANSWER: the elec tron trans fer s y s tem of photos y s tem II. c hemios mos is . s plitting water molec ules . reduc ing NADP+. the elec tron trans fer s y s tem of photos y s tem I. Correct Experimental Inquiry: Which Wavelengths of Light Drive Photosynthesis? Theodor Engelmann was one of the firs t s c ientis ts to us e the mic ros c ope as an ex perimental tool rather than as s imply an obs erv ational tool. He was als o the firs t s c ientis t to des c ribe c hemotax is : the mov ement of bac teria toward regions where s pec ific c ompounds are mos t c onc entrated. In the early 1880s , s c ientis ts already k new that plants and algae us ed s unlight to produc e s ugars , with ox y gen (O2) as a by produc t. They als o k new that s unlight was a mix ture of many c olors (the v is ible s pec trum) and that plants and algae abs orbed more light in the red and blue parts of the s pec trum than in the green part of the s pec trum. Engelmann was interes ted in determining whic h c olors (or wav elengths ) of light were mos t effec tiv e in driv ing photos y nthes is in green algae. He dev is ed a s imple y et elegant ex periment us ing aerotac tic (ox y gen­s eek ing) bac teria to ans wer this ques tion. (Aerotax is , or mov ement toward ox y gen, is one form of c hemotax is .) Part A ­ Experimental technique: Using bacteria to estimate rates of photosynthesis In Engelmann’s ex periment, he us ed aerotac tic (ox y gen­s eek ing) bac teria to determine whic h wav elengths of v is ible ligh...
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