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br2 4 why is the heat of cambustion

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Unformatted text preview: jor product of the reaction? Use Hammond postulate to explain (Table 3- 1 of BDEs in your book) the selectivity of this reaction? + Br2 ! 4. Why is the heat of cambustion (ΔHº) increasing in the homologous series of alkanes (Table 3- 7)? Will you expect for isomeric (constitutional isomers) alkanes to show the same heat of cambustion? Explain you answer. 5. Draw Newman projections of two conformers of bromocyclopropane? Circle the one that is more stable? What is the difference in stability (ΔGº)? Br 6. Draw the most stable conformation of the following molecules? Briefly explain, how did you arrive to your answer. (H3C)3C F Br NH2 HO...
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