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3 for each of the following molecules draw lewis

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Unformatted text preview: rule apply in each case above? (C) Show the formal charge of each atom in all molecules? 3. For each of the following molecules, draw Lewis structure and assign the partial charges of atoms? CH4S CH3F C2H5I 4. (A) For each of the following structures, draw all lone pairs? Then, place the formal charge on each atom. N O O N N H O N N (B) Use VSEPR model for predicting the three- dimensional shape (configuration) of each molecule above? 5. For each of the following compounds draw all of the significant resonance structures? In addition, circle the major contributor? N N N OH + O O_ 6. For the following molecules, assign the hybridization on each atom that is necessary for forming covalent bonds? CO2 C2H2 C6H6 H2CO NH4+ CH3NH2...
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