The ground state is n 0 what energy photon is given

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Unformatted text preview: states of a harmonic oscillator? The ground state is n = 0. What energy photon is given off when an electron in an infinite 1-D square well transitions from the 2nd excited state to the ground state? The ground state is n = 1. While we use n to denote the levels, note that for some potentials we use n = 0 for the ground state, while for other potentials we use n = 1 for the ground state. On a test, we w ill expect you to know n of the ground state. Monday, April 1, 2013 Example / Worked Problems II What is the momentum of an electron in the 1st excited state of an infinite square well potential? The infinite square well energy levels are En = n2ħ2π2/2mL2. The first excited state is n = 2. The only way we know how to get the momentum is from the energy. The kinetic energy in this state is E2 = 4ħ2π2/2mL2 = 2ħ2π2/ mL2. So we expect the magnitude of the momentum is p = (2mE)½ = 2πħ/L = h/L. But is this the answer to the question? You need to be careful about how it is asked. If the "expectation value" of the momentum is requested...
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