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Unformatted text preview: Rev 4.1 1-1 Crystals 1 MatE 25 San Jose State University Lab Notes 1.3 The Engineering Memo The requirements for the engineering memo are outlined below. Be sure to refer to the report formatting and “Grading Rubric”. The length of the report should be sufficient to cover the details requested below, and to demonstrate your understanding of the concepts discussed in class (usually between 3 and 6 pages, depending on spacing). • • • • • Introduce your purpose for writing by reminding Irene what you did and why. Briefly explain the following concepts: o The crystal structure of iron (Fe) o Point and line defects in steel o Slip and how failure occurs in Fe at room temperature o The Miller indices for the slip plane and direction in the steel sample Briefly explain what tests you performed and why Briefly explain your results: o Include any appropriate graphs or tables to organize your data o Comparison of the mechanical properties of 1018 steel with other metals o Give the fracture mechanism of 1018 steel as a function of temperature o Include any sources of error, or any limitations to the tests you did Explain the significance of the results by clearly recommending whether or not 1018 steel is a good choice for platform material. Information on the memo format and examples can be found at: Rev 4.1 1-2 Crystals 1 MatE 25 Scoring Attribute Writing Mechanics Assignment Instructions and Requirements Grammar, mechanics and spelling Figure and Table Format and Quality Units and Significant Figures Formulas Writing Quality Writing Quality Originality 1 Unacceptable San Jose State University 1.5 Assignment instructions not followed Consistently inadequate grammar, mechanics and/or spelling; Errors impair meaning Figures/tables consistently not labeled or not referenced in text No units given for any table headings, plot labels or values; or wrong number of significant figures All symbols and formulas written by hand, and are sloppy or hard to understand Organization lacks coherency; Language and sentence structure is poor; Report is difficult to read and disorganized Writing is plagiarized from other sources*, or to some degree is copied or shared with other students Rev 4.1 2 Marginal 2.5 3 Proficient Some assignment Most assignment instructions instructions followed followed Many errors, which A few errors, which affect writing do not impair clarity meaning Some figures/tables missing labels, missing descriptive captions, not referenced and/or not discussed in text Some table headings, plot labels or values missing units and/or wrong number of significant figures Lab Notes 3.5 4 Excellent Wt Report fully complies with instructions and requirements 3 Consistently correct use of grammar, mechanics and spelling 1 All figures/tables neatly labeled with title, figure number and descriptive caption, discussed, explained in text Tables formatted correctly, with all table heading; Plot labels and values given with correct units and significant figures All symbols and equations written with equation editor and/or mathematical notation; All variables defined, all equations numbered, and formatted 1 Organization of some sections is coherent; Language and sentence structure is average; Report requires some effort to understand Overall organization is coherent; Language and sentence structure is sophisticated; Report is easy to read and understand 1 Author restates or paraphrases ideas f...
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