D sketch the i v characteristic using the results

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Unformatted text preview: T at T = 300 K with the following parameters: Na = 5 X 1018 cm- 3, Nd = 2 X 1016 cm- 3, a = 0.35 micron, L = 10 micron, W = 30 micron, and µ = 8000 cm2/Vs. Ignoring velocity saturation effects, calculate (a) G01; (b) VDS(sat) for VGS = 0 and VGS = Vp/2; and (c) ID1(sat) for VGS = 0 and VGS = Vp/2. (d) Sketch the I- V characteristic using the results from parts (b) and (c). (a) eµ N dWa G01 = = 2.69 mS . L (b)...
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