61 what are the curie constant and the saturation

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Unformatted text preview: atomic density of 3 × 1022 cm-3. Each atom has a polarizability of 5 × 10-37 F-cm2. Find the internal electric field when an axial field of 10 mV/cm is applied. The internal electric field is related to the applied electric field through the boundary condition found from Gauss’ Law: ε int Eint = ε 0 Eappl . Hence, Eint = ε0 1 Eappl = Eappl. . ε int 1+ χ Now, the susceptibility is given by the electronic polarization through the equations on p. 298 as Np . χ= ε 0 E appl The polarizability is the polarization dipole divided by the ap...
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