Organic meadow inc is a leading brand in the fast

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Unformatted text preview: % 9.8% 83.5% Fund II Lotek Wireless Inc. Triton Logging Inc. Rowe Farm Meats Limited Horizon Distributors Ltd. Enerworks Inc. Woodland Biofuels Inc. Clean Tech Clean Tech Food Food Energy Energy 23-Nov-05 8-Jun-06 15-Jun-06 14-Jul-06 16-Oct-06 20–Feb-08 Total LP II $1,000,000 490,887 3,357,500 3,894,600 1,743,077 1,268,500 $11,954,564 6.6% 3.2% 22.1% 25.6% 11.5% 8.3% 78.6% Biorem Inc., based in Guelph, Ontario, is a technology leader in the design and manufacture of biological air filters, better known as “biofilters”, which use micro-organisms to clean polluted air streams from industrial plants and waste-water treatment plants. - 13 - Lotek Wireless Inc. is a world leader in the design and manufacture of fish and wildlife monitoring systems. The company’s products allow for the monitoring of populations of wild animals and fish and are used in conservation efforts around the world. Organic Meadow Inc. is a leading brand in the fast-growing Canadian organic food industry. Schneider Power Inc. is continuing to develop the Providence Bay Wind Farm project situated on Manitoulin Island, Ontario, which has been producing wind power since early 2007 and has a proposed total capacity of 10 megawatts. Schneider Power is also developing proposed sites elsewhere in Ontario, Manitoba and Nova Scotia. UV Pure Technologies Inc. is a Toronto based company and a global technology leader in the fast growing ultraviolet water purification market. The company’s Hallett and Upstream brands of water filtration systems use patented “Crossfire Technology”, a unique self-cleaning and self-monitoring ultraviolet system. UV Pure Technologies’ systems are used in residential, commercial and municipal applications. Rowe Farm Meats Limited is the largest producer of natural meat in Ontario, selling beef, chicken, pork, lamb and turkey as well as eggs. Driven by success at its first retail outlet in Guelph, Ontario, as well as success at farmers’ markets like Toronto’s St. Lawrence Market, Rowe Farm Meats has recently opened its first retail outlet in Toronto’s Leslieville area. Triton Logging Inc. is a green forest-products company and a leading developer of underwater logging technology. Triton’s patented technology—the Sawfish—is an unmanned submersible capable of cutting and retrieving standing trees that have been submerged under artificial lakes created, for example, by hydroelectric dam construction. Triton is working with partners to develop underwater logging opportunities to use its technology to harvest flooded forests around the world. - 14 - Horizon Distributors Ltd. is a leading distributor of natural and organic foods in Canada. With head offices in Burnaby BC, Horizon has a strong presence in western Canada, especially in southern BC. Horizon is a primary/preferred organic food distributor to Whole Foods, Planet Organic, Canada Safeway, and others. EnerWorks Inc. is a leading developer and manufacturer of proprietary solar thermal water heating systems for residential and commercial applications. Woodland Biofuels Inc. Woodland Biofuels Inc. is a Mississauga-based company that develops and licenses fuel plants using its patented thermo-chemical process to convert biomass into fuel ethanol. INVESTECO In 1999, Andrew Heintzman and Michael de Pencier agreed that unprecedented growth in a variety of environmental sectors provided what they believed was a unique business opportunity not being serviced by the mainstream investment industry, and they began to make private investments in companies operating in these sectors. In 2003, the Manager was incorporated and became Canada’s first environmental investment management company. The now expanded group of principals is a group of dedicated company-builders and entrepreneurs, with extensive experience in investing in and growing private enterprises in the Environmental Sectors. PRINCIPALS Andrew Heintzman is a co-founder and President of Investeco. He has a background in private equity and venture capital investing in environmental companies. He sits on a number of corporate boards, including Lotek Wireless, Triton Logging, and Horizon Distributors. In addition, Andrew is the Chair of both the Premier of Ontario’s Climate Change Advisory Council, and the Sustainability Network. Andrew was a coeditor of Fueling the Future: How the Battle Over Energy is Changing Everything, and of Feeding the Future: From Fat to Famine. Prior to founding Investeco, he was the founding publisher of Shift Magazine. Stephen Griggs joined the Investeco team in 2007 and is now Chair. Stephen is a financial services executive with significant experience in the retail, high net worth and institutional investment management industry in Canada. Most recently, he was the President and CEO of Legg Mason Canada Inc., with responsibility for the Canadian operations of Legg Mason, Inc., one of the world’s top 5 global investment management firms with assets under management of nearly $1 trillion. S...
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