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Unformatted text preview: ing: The Model for Future Salary Programs?" Public Personnel Management 23,2 (Summer): 187-199. Rusbult, Caryl E. (1980) "Commitment and Satisfaction in Romantic Associations: A Test of the Investment Model." Journal of Experimental Social Psychology 16: 172-186. Rusbult, Cayrl E. (1983) "A Longitudinal Test of the Investment Model: The Development (and Deterioration) of Satisfaction and Commitment in Heterosexual Involvements." Journal of Personality and Social Psychology 45: 101-117. Rusbult, Caryl E., and Dan Farrell (1983) "A Longitudinal Test of the Investment Model: The Impact on Job Satisfaction, Job Commitment, and Turnover of Variations in Reward, Costs, Alternatives, and Investments." Journal of Applied Psychology 68: 429-438. Rusbult, Caryl E., Dan Farrell, Glen Rogers, and Arch G. Mainous III (1988) "Impact of Exchange Variables on Exit, Voice, Loyalty, and Neglect: An Integrative Model of Responses to Declining Job Satisfaction." Academy of Management Journal 25 31,3 (September): 559-627. Selden, Sally Coleman, Willow Jacobson, Salwa H. Ammar, and Ronald Wright (2000) "A New Approach to Assessing Performance of State Human Resource Management Systems: A Multi-Level Fuzzy Rule-Based System," Review of Public Personnel Administration 20,3 (Summer): 58-74. Terpstra, D. E., and E. J. Rozell (1993) "The Relationship of Staffing Practices to Organizational Level Measures of Performance." Personnel Psychology, 46: 2748. Ulrich, David (1997) "Measuring Human Resources: An Overview of Practice and a Prescription for Results." Human Resource Management, 36, 303-320. Wernerfelt, B. (1984) "A Resource-Based View of the Firm." Strategic Management Journal, 5: 171-180. 26 Table 1: Descriptive Statistics (scale from 0 to 4) Practices Career Training Results Oriented Employment Security Participation Job Descriptions Pay for Performance N 663 667 615 658 662 666 648 Mean 2.20 2.20 2.43 2.53 3.00...
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