A more liberal interpretation of statistical

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Unformatted text preview: nally, employment security surprisingly appears to assist in collecting child support. A more liberal interpretation of statistical significance would add three other incidents. Supervisory status and employment security would contribute to the ability to keep individuals off of welfare. The former may represent additional experience. The latter may reflect an ability to withstand the pressure for the short-term, McJobs approach that welfare reform has often engendered. Finally, training is seen as having a negative affect on obtaining child support. Perhaps this reflects not on training per se but on the nature of the training itself. Inappropriate training that takes professionals away from the doing their jobs is not going to make a positive contribution. Similar explanations may also underlie the failure of other practices (e.g., see Riccucci and Lurie, 2001 with regard to performance appraisal systems). CONCLUSION Since 1995, North Carolina counties have been engaged in the transformation of social welfare in America. The basic goals and objectives of our welfare system have been refocused. This process has also focused on the administrative capacity of the state and county agencies charged with these missions. As such, strategic human resources management should play an important role in the success of welfare reform. While 20 administrative techniques should not be expected to provide "miracle cures," they should make noticeable contributions. Just as school principals can't single-handedly improve the educational performance of students, they can be expected to assist in it. Yet, the human resources practices found among North Carolina counties show only moderate use of strategic human resources concepts. While a high performance organization would entail a greater degree of strategic human resource practice use, it would not reflect the reality of everyday public sector organizations. In addition the methodological limitations of the outcome assessment measures employed here contribute, in part, to these findings....
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