Logistic regressions were conducted with the four

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Unformatted text preview: nistrative capacity and the achievement of an organization's goals and objectives. Logistic regressions were conducted with the four welfare report card measures (going to work, welfare decline, staying off of welfare, and collecting child support). A hierarchical process was used in determining the variation explained by the various factors. Demographic variables were entered first, then strategic human resource 17 practices. This allows for the common or shared variance among these two sets of measures to be allocated entirely to the a priori demographic variables. Table 2 About Here Each of the regression models account for only a small proportion of the variance: R2 = .09 for going to work, R2 = .13 for the declining welfare, R2 = .31 for staying off of welfare, and R2 = .12 for collecting child support. Roughly two-thirds to nine-tenths of the explained variance is due to the demographic control variables enter into the equations. Larger counties are somewhat better at reducing unemployment (perhaps reflecting greater urban opportunities) and collecting child support (ability of parents to pay). However, they were more hard pressed to reduce the welfare roles and to keep people from returning to welfare. Ethnic minority employees are associated with lower performing counties in keeping people off of welfare(perhaps reflecting the greater poverty problems faced by minority communities). The gender and supervisory status (which overlap to a great extent -- women are nonsupervisors and males are supervisors) of the professional social services personnel appears to also matter. Women and nonsupervisors are better able to assist those on welfare in finding jobs (perhaps women are viewed as more sympathetic and understanding by a predominately female clientele). However, males and supervisors are better at collecting child support (more of an intimidation to deadbeat dads). These results specifically highlight the diverse nature of public sector goals. The same items may influence goal obtainment quite differently. 18 As indi...
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