Managers who have often been promoted from a

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Unformatted text preview: f the people in their unit. Managers who have often been promoted from a technical position must remember that they are now the coaches; others have the responsibility of caring out the plays on the field. The manager/coach can have the greatest effect only by assuring that the employee/player is truly prepared for action. While the importance of training and development is now recognized, it remains a neglected area. Beginning Employees like the buildings and equipment of government are allowed to depreciate through an under 7 investment in maintenance (Elmore, 1991; Gray, Hall, Miller, and Shasky, 1997). North Carolina social service employees generally perceive that training is available. However, training is focused on current job skills and not on employee development for future advancement. Results-Oriented Performance Appraisal Performance appraisal is used as an aid in making judgment decisions pertaining to promotion, demotion, retention, transfer, and pay. It is also employed as a developmental guide for training needs assessment and employee feedback. Performance appraisal also aids with a number of more general organizational functions as a means for validating selection and hiring procedures, promoting employee-supervisor understanding, and supporting an organization's culture. The environment in which welfare reform has occurred extensively involves measurable goals and objectives. Employees perceive that these have been transferred from the organization to individual performance appraisals. Employment Security . Employee rights and the mechanism for enforcing them (i.e., the grievance process) serve as a safeguard for assuring that employees are accorded the basic dignity that every human being is entitled to. Like similar safety devices, we hope that we never will really need to use them. While most organizations would prefer to do without such legal and formal systems, reality requires them. If there were no past abuses, there would be no need for laws proh...
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