Mesch debra j james l perry and lois r wise 1995

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Unformatted text preview: ur systems of Policy, Politics, and Choice," Public Administration Review 32 (July/August): 298-310. Meier, Kenneth J. (1987) Politics and the Bureaucracy. Pacific Grove, CA: Brooks/Cole. Merjanian, Ara (1997) "Striving to Make Performance Measurement Work: Texas Implements Systems Approach to Planning, Budgeting," PA Times 20,6 (June): 24 1, 19-20. Mesch, Debra J., James L. Perry, and Lois R. Wise (1995) "Bureaucratic and Strategic Human Resource Management: An Empirical Comparison in the Federal Government," Journal of Public Administration Theory and Research 5: 385402. Mintzberg, Henry (1994) The Rise and Fall of Strategic Planning. New York, NY: Free Press. Mosher, Frederick C. (1968) Democracy and the Public Service. New York, NY: Oxford. Nutt, Paul C., and Robert W. Backoff (1992) Strategic Management of Public and Third Sector Organizations. San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass. Osborne, David, and Ted Gaebler (1992) Reinventing Government: How the Entrepreneurial Spirit is Transforming the Public Sector from Schoolhouse to State House, City Hall to Pentagon. Reading, MA. Addison-Wesley. Perry, James L. (1993) "Strategic Human Resource Management," Review of Public Personnel Administration 13,4 (Fall): 59-71. Perry, James L., and Debra J. Mesch (1997) "Strategic Human Resources Management," in Carolyn Ban and Norma Riccucci (eds) Public Personnel Management: Current Concerns, Future Challenges. New York, NY: Longman, pp. 21-34. Peteraf, M. A. (1993) "The Cornerstones of Competitive Advantage: A Resource-Based View." Strategic Management Journal, 14: 179-191. Quinn, James Brian, Philip Anderson, and Sydney Finkelstein (1996) "Leveraging Intellect," Academy of Management Executive 10,3 (August): 7-27. Riccucci, Norma M., and Irene Lurie (2001) "Employee Performance Evaluation in Social Welfare Offices." Review of Public Personnel Administration 21,1 (Spring): 27-37. Risher, Howard, and Brigitte W. Schay (1994) "Grade Band...
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