North carolina county social services agencies appear

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Unformatted text preview: sive AI don't care@ attitude. North Carolina county social services agencies appear as models of participation. The professional employees exercise a strong voice in the organization and are responsible for making many of the decisions. Broadly Defined Jobs The "triumph of technique over purpose" is also evident here. The rigidity invested in the use of pay scales (and the commitant job analyses upon which they are based) denies organizations the flexibility to adjust to and meet change. Individuals cannot readily be reassigned duties. This is especially a problem if those duties are from jobs officially designated as having lower grades. Even if pay remains constant, a lower grade assignment might be seen psychologically as a career setback. Reward for exceptional performance is thwarted by the formal attachment of pay ceilings or maximum salaries to specific job grades. Broadbanding has been introduced as a means to cut through the Gordian knot of classification. The employee is seen to benefit from both more challenging and meaningful work assignments and the possibility of pay increases (Risher and Schay, 1994). While broadbanding may not be the case here, position descriptions for county 10 professionals are clearly state-of-the-art. It is evident that welfare reform's transformation of the job from eligibility determiner to job counselor may have witnessed a "triumph of purpose through technique." Performance-Based Compensation Strategic pay requires that all decisions relative to compensation and benefits are designed to attract, retain, or motivate employees. As such, the entire organization's reward structure is designed to fully serve its mission or purpose. In reality, most organizations limit incentive pay to only a portion of the compensation package. All employees who perform satisfactorily are guaranteed a set base pay and benefits package. Even so, this guarantee serves to calm fears with regard to financial security and, hence, helps attract and retain individuals. A wide array o...
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