Strategic planning focuses on the future what should

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Unformatted text preview: prove organizational performance. Strategic planning focuses on the future -- what should be? 4 As such, it serves as a guiding star by which to steer the organization's development. Individual and team effort can be devoted to accomplishing the organization's goals (Keen, 1994). Strategic planning also helps to concentrate individual efforts into a team effort. It can assist in developing total quality management and objective-based performance appraisal systems. Accountability for results can be assigned. The strategic planning process itself can serve as a team-building exercise. Finally, the process itself transforms perceptions away from separate and distinct projects and towards systemic viewpoints (Keen, 1994). In addition to leadership support, those engaged in strategic planning need be aware of other potential problems. As occurs with all management techniques, individuals will need extensive training and refresher training (to answer unforeseen questions that arise in response to implementation). Conflict, confusion, and chaos will prevail initially and for some time thereafter. Only as individuals learn how to do it and see its value will the benefits of strategic planning be realized (Merjanian, 1997). In the modern, knowledge-based organization strategic planning is quite clearly strategic human resources planning. In an empirical study noting the impact of strategic human resource management on organizational performance, John E. Delery and D. Harold Doty (1996) identify seven general employment practices: (1). Internal career ladders (2). Formal training systems 5 (3). Results-oriented performance appraisal (4). Employment security (5). Employee voice/Participation (6). Broadly defined jobs (7). Performance-based compensation These personnel practices form the basis upon which the concept of strategic human resource management is constructed for this study. While other and similar personnel practices are left out, this enables the findings here to be compared with tho...
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