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PSYC 211- Midterm 1 Review

And ligand gated ac1va1on of nmda receptors increases

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Unformatted text preview: the grey maaer on the inside b)  Sensory informa1on enters via the ventral roots c)  A ventral root and a dorsal root fuse to form a spinal nerve d)  It is capable of many reflexes that are independent of the brain Chapter 4 – Psychopharmacology Order the following routes of administra1on from fastest to slowest to get to the brain (assume the drug is the same for all routes) 1)  2)  3)  4)  Subcutaneous pellet Intracerebral Oral Intravenous Order the following routes of administra1on from fastest to slowest to get to the brain 1)  Intracerebral – delivers drug directly to the region of interest in the brain 2)  Intravenous – delivers drug directly into the blood to be transported to the brain 3)  Oral – drug is ingested and absorbed in the stomach and intes1nes, rate of delivery is variable but slower than intravenous 4)  Subcutaneous pellet – this route is designed for very slow and steady drug delivery, drug is injected under the skin in a slow dissolving pellet Routes of Administra1on -   Intravenous (IV) – Fast, directly into blood supply -   Intraperitoneal (IP) – into abdomen, more common route for lab animals -   Intramuscular (IM) – absorbed by capillaries running through muscles -   Subcutaneous (SC) – injected under the skin -   Oral – ingested, drug can be metabolised partly before entering blood stream (reduces amount of drug available for region of interest) -   Sublingual – absorbed by capillaries under the tongue -   Intrarectal – absorbed by mucous membrane of rectum -   Inhala1on – absorbed by capillaries lining lungs -   Topical – absorbed through the skin -   Insuffla1on/snor1ng– absorbed through mucous membrane in nostril -   Intracerebral – injected into the brain -   Intracerebroventricular - injected into the brains ventricles Which of the following statements are true regarding the therapeu1c...
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