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If we talk about it in class you are also responsible

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Unformatted text preview: t it in class, you are also responsible for the relevant material in the book. This applies to ideas or concepts, not just book sections. ● You are responsible for both lecture content and book content, but only on concepts we covered in class. ● ● If the idea wasn't mentioned at all, it won't be tested. Example: We talked about serotonin, but didn't discuss serotonin receptors at all. You don't need to know about different kinds of serotonin receptors. ● Chapter 5 Methods and Strategies of Research Methods and Strategies of Research Experimental Ablation Recording and Stimulating Neural Activity Neurochemical Methods Genetic Methods Experimental Ablation Radio Frequency Lesion Experimental Ablation Rat Brain and Skull Stereotaxic Atlas Experimental Ablation Stereotaxis Apparatus Experimental Ablation: Histological Methods Microtome Experimental Ablation Staining • The discovery of cell-body stains made it possible to identify nuclear masses in the brain. • On the next slide...
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