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WRITING 200 ESSAY #3 RESEARCH PAPER Using the critical reading and writing skills you have developed this semester, you must write a research paper of at least ten full pages (not including title page, abstract, or Works Cited pages). Your research topic must address competing theories about a specific subject. You can choose one of the alternative theory vs. mainstream theory options listed for Essay #2, or select any set of competing theories in a field that interests you. For example, if you have an interest in the health sciences, you can research rival treatments or medical theories. As a research paper, your work should identify the research question, provide context for the controversy, summarize and analyze a sufficient sampling of sources to illustrate the current state of the controversy, and provide a conclusion that pulls everything together and lets the reader know exactly where the controversy stands (and perhaps where it is likely to go in the future). After reading your paper, the audience should have a clear and
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