As he likes t o do he st art s t o do his research

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Unformatted text preview: he needs t o come up h l wit h t he locat ion and t imes f or t heir meet ings and socializing. As he likes t o do he st art s t o do his research and come up wit h a plan. He does a google search f or local t axi companies and it leads him Indianapolis Y llow C b. Luckily he was reaching t he sit e on his lapt op so t he websit e’ s poor layout f or e a mobile devices has less of an ef f ect on him. He also is someone who happens t o be fairly impressed by t he company’ s impressive, while somewhat lengt hy, hist orical bio f ound direct ly on t he homepage. Anot her posit ive f or S oot er is t he large graphic displaying t he companies t axi line above t he t op, as he h would pref er t o speak wit h an operat or anyways. However he was not ent irely impressed wit h t he qualit y of cust omer service he received over t he phone, which also made him ret hink t he rat her out dat ed and lazy st at e of t he company’ s websit e. However f eeling as t hough it was his best opt ion he went wit h Y llow C b and was pleased wit h t he service f rom t he driver’ s t hemselves. e a • • P nct ualit y on business u t rips is crucial Likes t o have his schedule planned out in advance Want s t o deal wit h reput able and knowledgable cab drivers Frus rations t • • Sight mist rust of l t echnology, pref ers dealing wit h...
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