However t he company inst ead had recent ly begun t o

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Unformatted text preview: le, not t o ment ion t heir f riends had been h raving about t he company as of lat e so she of f ered t o ent er her credit card inf o and pay for t he ride. However t he company inst ead had recent ly begun t o capit alize on t heir popularit y and t he event t o implement somet hing called surge pricing, leaving her wit h a bill of 95$ at t he end of her t rip. Also wit h t he way t he app is designed she didn’ t realize t he st eap price unt il lat er when she received an email. S sie immediat ely swore of f Uber and similar companies and inst ead searched out and began using t he u more st able Y llow C b C mpany. S e now had a t axi service where she knew up f ront t he rat es, t hat e a o h t hey were on call 24/ 7 and t hat she didn’ t have t o provide any personal inf ormat ion if she didn’ t want t o. • F nd t axi service t hat i doesn’t require F cebook a Account S rvice easy t o use when e “ buzzed” F us rations rt • • C mpanies t hat abuse o t heir power Invasion of privacy Persona 3 Brian F lvey a “ T ch J nkie” e u B c g ound akr • Age: 30 • Wor k/ R le: P oduct Mar ket ing o r • L ves Downt own Indy i • E gaged n • G ew up wealt hy r • Brian is cur rent ly living acr oss...
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